GREENE, Charles Sumner

(1868-1957) and Henry Mather GREENE (1870-1954)

Historical Dictionaries of Literature and the Arts. . 2008.

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  • Greene, Charles Sumner y Greene, Henry Mather — (12 oct. 1868, Brighton, Ohio, EE.UU.–11 jun. 1957, Carmel, Cal.) (23 jun. 1870, Brighton, Ohio–2 oct. 1954, Pasadena, Cal.). Arquitectos estadounidenses. Los hermanos Greene establecieron una sociedad en Pasadena, Cal., en 1894. Con un enfoque… …   Enciclopedia Universal

  • Greene, Charles Sumner and Henry Mather — born Oct. 12, 1868, Brighton, Ohio, U.S. died June 11, 1957, Carmel, Calif. born Jan. 23, 1870, Brighton, Ohio died Oct. 2, 1954, Pasadena, Calif. U.S. architects. The Greene brothers established a partnership in Pasadena, Calif., in 1894. Using… …   Universalium

  • Sumner — Sumner, James Batcheller * * * (as used in expressions) Greene, Charles Sumner y Greene, Henry Mather Maine, Sir Henry (James Sumner) Sumner, Charles Sumner, James (Batcheller) …   Enciclopedia Universal

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  • Greene — Greene, Graham * * * (as used in expressions) Balch, Emily Greene Greene, Charles Sumner y Greene, Henry Mather Greene, (Henry) Graham Greene, Nathanael …   Enciclopedia Universal

  • Sumner — /sum neuhr/, n. 1. Charles, 1811 74, U.S. statesman. 2. James Batcheller /bach euh leuhr/, 1887 1955, U.S. biochemist: Nobel prize 1946. 3. William Graham, 1840 1910, U.S. sociologist and economist. 4. a male given name. * * * (as used in… …   Universalium

  • Charles — /chahrlz/, n. 1. (Prince of Edinburgh and of Wales) born 1948, heir apparent to the throne of Great Britain (son of Elizabeth II). 2. Ray (Ray Charles Robinson), born 1930, U.S. blues singer and pianist. 3. Cape, a cape in E Virginia, N of the… …   Universalium

  • Greene — /green/, n. 1. Graham, 1904 91, English novelist and journalist. 2. Nathanael, 1742 86, American Revolutionary general. 3. Robert, 1558 92, English dramatist and poet. * * * (as used in expressions) Balch Emily Greene Greene Charles Sumner and… …   Universalium

  • Greene and Greene — was an architectural firm established by brothers Charles Sumner Greene (1868–1957) and Henry Mather Greene (1870–1954), influential early 20th Century American architects. Active primarily in California, their bungalow houses and larger scale… …   Wikipedia

  • Charles Greene — may refer to: Charlie Greene, baseball player Charles Ezra Greene (1842–1903), American civil engineer Charles Gordon Greene (1804–1886), American journalist Charles Greene (athlete) (born 1944), former American athlete Charles Sumner Greene… …   Wikipedia

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